Tez Smith

Freelance Designer. Wordpress Expert.

Hi, I’m Tez and I’m a freelance web designer from Philadelphia. In 2011 I received my BBA from Temple University and I launched Tezworks (then known as PurpleTye) to help small businesses market themselves via social media. In 2012, I shifted my business focus to from social marketing to web design and ever since I’ve been honing my craft.

I truly love all I do and I put 110% into every project that comes my way. With each client, my goal is the same: do great work and leave a lasting impression.

In addition to doing good work, I’m passionate about doing good business. I believe that all companies, including my own, have an obligation to operate in ways that positively benefit people and the planet. Because of this, I will always seek to be of assistance to companies who are committed to making a difference here at home and abroad.

I invite you to check out my work and see the kinds of brands I’ve helped to grow. And if the spirit moves you, please consider sending me a message.